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Welcome to Nails for Nickels!

Just like the banner says, I’ll be showing you how to create fun and easy nail art that’s easy on the wallet. A fair amount of these nails will be themed in some way (expect lots of holiday manicures!), but I’ll also show you how you can create some of the classics at home without breaking the bank at the nail salon!

The Website:

While I might put up occasional personal blog posts, this website is dedicated to showing you how to make awesome DIY nail art! The majority of my tutorials will probably be manicures, but I’ll throw in some pedicure tutorials to keep things interesting!

The Author:

Hey nail-lovers, the name is Lindsey! I’m a twenty-something lady living in the gorgeous Bay Area, and I think cheap and fun manicures are the bee’s knees. Take a look around, tell your friends, and hit me up with any kudos, questions, concerns, or pics of your own awesome nails!


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