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18 Dec 2014
Christmas Month 2014 - Tutorial - 3D Christmas Trees

Happy THURSDAY/FRIDAY, my lovelies!

Early post, whaaat? I know, it’s crazy, but I’m leaving for my Christmas vacation tomorrow and won’t be around to put up a post on Sunday (and probably not next week either, so I’ll be back after the new year) But I can’t just disappear into the night without so much as a single nail picture, so I’ve got something good to share with you all today. Let’s finish up the last Christmas nails of the year with some perfect holiday treats for your fingertips:

Christmas Month 2014: Tutorial – 3D Christmas Trees

Step 1: Supplies! For this manicure, you will need:

  • Clear base coat
  • Base nail polish color (I used a light, shimmery pink for mine)
  • Green nail polish
  • Green flocking powder (see my Velvet Nails tutorial here for more information)
  • Scotch tape
  • Nail glue OR clear nail polish
  • Faux jewels (for the ornaments)

Step 2: Prep it! Clean, shape, and buff your nails in the style you prefer, then paint on your clear base coat.

Step 3: Paint it! Once your base coat has dried, paint on 2-3 coats of your base color (enough to get a solid backdrop for your trees)

Step 4: Tree time! Alright, now get your green polish, flocking powder, and tape ready. I would recommend having a piece of paper underneath while you apply the powder – much easier to clean up and put excess back in the container that way!

Take two pieces of tape and place them together to make a wedge. Then place the tape onto your finger so the tip of the triangle is closest to the base of your nail. Paint the exposed nail with your green nail polish.

Then, while the polish is still wet, take your flocking powder and sprinkle it over the green wedge. Wiggle your finger to remove excess.

Peel away the tape to reveal your fuzzy tree!

Step 5: Decorate your tree! Almost done! The last thing to do is to take your faux jewels and apply them to your “trees” using either nail glue or a clear polish. If you use clear polish, make sure to leave enough time for the polish to dry completely so the jewels stay in place.

Step 6: Finish it! Clean up the edges of your nails and voila! A fun, 3-D manicure to celebrate the Christmas season!

Oh my goodness, can you BELIEVE next week is Christmas?? Hubby, puppy, and I are leaving for Denver tomorrow – we’re driving the whole way in one shot, so GOSH it’s gonna be a long day and night. But we’ll make it lots of fun :) This week has been spent cleaning the apartment and getting everything together – I always forget how stressful preparing for a vacation can be!

So what are your plans for the holidays? Do you celebrate Christmas, or another holiday around this time? What are some of your favorite activities or traditions? Ever since we got married, my husband and I have our own little Christmas together on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas day we see my family in the morning/early afternoon and his family in the afternoon/evening. It makes for an awesome couple of days :) I’m very excited!

That’s all from me, my lovelies! Today’s post marks the end of Christmas Month 2014 nails. I’ll be out next week, so everyone have an AMAZING Christmas (if you celebrate it) and a very happy New Year :) I’ll see you next time <3

Nail Polishes Used:

  • O.P.I. in “Skip The Gift Wrap” (#HL D72)
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Glass Pink” (#776)
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