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26 Oct 2014
Halloween Month 2014 - Tutorial - Bloody Eyeballs

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! And since I won’t see you again until it’s over:


Are you all excited for this spooky holiday? What all do you have planned? My tradition is to eat candy and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, so that’s what I’ll be doing Friday night :D There are also some movies I want to see next weekend, so I’m sure that’ll happen too (“Horns”, anybody?)

Also, Nails for Nickels turns two years old on Wednesday! How crazy is that? I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for this long :) But it’s been such a blast!

Anyhoo, I thought I’d amp up the gore and creep factor for the last Halloween mani of the year, so let’s get started with some

Bloody Eyeballs

Step 1: Supplies! For this manicure, you will need:

  • Clear base & top coat
  • Nail polish in white, red, black, and whatever iris color you prefer (I chose blue)
  • A straw, cut into a 2-3 inch piece
  • A piece of paper/plastic to drip paint on
  • Scotch tape
  • Hole reinforcement stickers
  • A large and a small dotting tool

Step 2: Prep & paint! Clean, shape, and buff you nails in the style you prefer then paint on your clear base coat. Once that dries, paint on 2-3 coats of your white polish (enough to get a solid base color).

(Side note: I just picked up this brand of white polish, and I LOVE it! A little more than I usually pay for polishes ($6-$7, I know I’m a cheapskate laughs), but it was definitely worth it! I’ve only used it once but I already recommend Nicole by O.P.I. for a white polish :) )

Step 3: Splatter! Next you are going to do the blood spatter over the white base. See my “Dexter” tutorial here for instructions on how to do spatter nails.

Step 4: Irises! Now take your hole reinforcement stickers and place them so the empty space is centered on your nail. Then take your iris color polish and paint the empty space.

Gently peel away the sticker to reveal the circle underneath.

Step 5: Pupils! Now take your large dotting tool, drip some black polish onto your piece of paper/plastic, and place a dot of black in the center of your iris dot.

Next, take your small dotting tool and place a tiny dot of white in the corner of your pupil dot to give your eyeballs that nice reflective look.

Step 6: Finish it! Seal your manicure with a top coat when everything is dry, clean up the edges, and voila! A super spooky (and quite creepy) manicure to celebrate this awesome holiday!

I REALLY love how these turned out – I’m also excited to see what people think when I’m out and about! So what nails are you sporting this week? Anything creepy crawly? Let me know in the comments below!

And what are you all dressing up as? I’ll probably be boring and not dress up, but I do have a skull & bones scarf and an orange tank top, so I’ll probably be decked out in Halloween colors on Friday even if I’m not dressed up in a costume :) But if you’re dressing up, what are you going as? I’d love to see some pics!

Well, I think that’s all there is from me, lovelies! Have a spooky and safe Halloween! I’ll see you next time <3

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Nicole by O.P.I. in “Yoga-Then-Yogurt” (#NI 447)
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Ruby Ruby” (#369)
  • love & beauty by Forever 21 in “Sky Blue”
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Black on Black” (#103)
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