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12 Oct 2014
Halloween Month 2014 - Tutorial - Skull & Bones

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! I have another spooktacular tutorial for you today, so let’s get started with:

Halloween Month 2014: Tutorial - Skull & Bones

(Side note: This mani looks GREAT with black & white photos! laughs)

Step 1: Supplies! For this manicure, you will need:

  • Clear base & top coat
  • Nail polish in black and white
  • A medium and small dotting tool
  • Either a large dotting tool or hole reinforcement stickers

Step 2: Prep it! Clean, shape, and buff your nails in the style you prefer then paint on your clear base coat.

Step 3: Paint it! Once the clear base has dried, paint on 1-3 coats of your black polish (enough to get a solid color – I only needed two coats for mine but your polish may vary)

WAIT. When you are able to rub your nails against each other without any tack or resistance of any kind, then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Dot it! Now take either your hole reinforcement stickers or your large dotting tool and make a large white dot somewhere on your nail.

Step 5: Teeth time! Now take your medium dotting tool and make three white dots next to each other at the bottom of your skull.

Step 6: Now, using your medium dotting tool, a toothpick, or a small makeup brush, paint a couple of small white lines on the blank spaces on your nails.

Step 7: Dot it (again!) Now, using your smaller dotting tool, add two small white dots to either end of the bones.

Step 8: Eye it! Now take your medium size dotting tool and paint two big black dots in the center of your skull.

Step 9: Nose it! Now take your small dotting tool and paint a tiny black spot underneath the eyes. Your skull needs a nose!

Step 10: Finish it! Seal your manicure with a clear top coat, clean up the edges, and voila! A spooky manicure for the Halloween season.

I’m quite happy with how these turned out! Unfortunately I think I made the nose a bit too big on some of my skulls, but I’m really happy with how the leg bones and the overall look came out :)

So how was everyone’s week this last week? Mine was good – pretty uneventful but that’s all good. Oh, and the hubby and I are getting pedicures this afternoon! Because sometimes I just want someone else to paint my toes laughs I’m quite excited!

Well that’s all from me this week, have a great rest of your week my lovelies! I’ll see you next time <3

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Black on Black” (#103)
  • essie in “Marshmallow” (#024)
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