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18 Oct 2015
Halloween Month 2015 - Tutorial - Cutesy Vampires

(Quick notice before we get started: I have an Instagram! I post NfN photos and well as other shenanigans from my life. You can follow me @thedragonbabe <3 Now onto the post!)

Hello, everyone! A very SPOOOOOKY Sunday to you all! Has everyone had a nice weekend so far? It’s been very fun here - Hubby’s birthday was on Friday so we had a fun and relaxing day together, and then yesterday we went out with a couple of friends to the NorCal Renaissance Faire and then to a gamer lounge for dinner, drinks, and Mario Kart 8! (I forgot how fun Mario Kart is, I don’t think I’ve played since high school!)

I’ve got another fun and fang-y Halloween tutorial for you all today, so let’s get started!

Halloween Month 2015 - Tutorial - Cutesy Vampires

Step 1: Supplies! For this manicure you will need:

  • Clear base and top coat
  • Nail polish in black, white, red, and skin color of your choice (I chose gray because, despite what many franchises would have you believe, vampires are DEAD and have no blood ;) )
  • Scotch tape (if you want to make sure your lines are straight)
  • Thin dotting tool (you can also use a toothpick if you don’t have dotting tools)
  • Black sharpie (this is optional, I used that but you can also use black nail polish and toothpicks!)

Step 2: Prep it! Clean, shape, and buff your nails in the style you prefer, then paint on the clear base coat.

Step 3: Base color! Once the base coat has dried, paint on 2-3 coats of your base color polish – enough to get a solid background for your vamps.

Step 4: Hair! Time to get that awesome widow’s peak that we all know and love on classic vamps ;) Take your scotch tape and tear off two small pieces. Place one piece perpendicular to the other so that you make a ‘V’ with the tape.

Take your ‘V’ tape and place it at the base of your nail, leaving a small gap which you will be painting.

Take your black nail polish and paint the open area. Let the polish dry for a moment and then slowly peel the tape away.

Step 5: Smile and fangs! Now there are two ways you can do this step: using either a thin tip sharpie OR black nail polish and a toothpick. Pick your tools and proceed! Paint a curved line toward the tip of your nail with two small curves on either end. Then draw/paint two triangles on opposite sides of the large curve to make your fangs.

Step 6: Whiten the teeth! Now take your white polish and either a toothpick or very thin dotting tool and fill in the teeth with the white polish.

Step 7: Eyes! Every good vampire needs to be able to see it’s prey, right? So take your black polish and, using either a dotting tool or the gently using the applicator brush, apply two black circles above your toothy grin.

Step 8: Finish them! Once the polish has dried seal your manicure with your clear top coat, clean up the edges and voila! Some adorable monsters for your digits <3

So who has Halloween plans this year? Anyone dressing up and going to parties/trick-or-treating? :)

I’m not quite sure what hubby and I will be doing for Halloween - more than likely it’ll be a low-key evening with candy and The Nightmare Before Christmas (that’s our default activity for Halloween lol)

That’s all from me today, my lovelies! Everyone have a great week and I’ll see you next time <3

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Black on Black” (#103)
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Ruby Ruby” (#369)
  • love & beauty by Forever 21 in “Light Grey”
  • Nicole by O.P.I. in “Yoga Then Yogurt” (#NI 447)
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