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09 Oct 2016
Halloween Month 2016 - Glowing Skulls

Happy Sunday, all! And happy October! Who else is super excited to officially be into Fall and the month of Halloween?? I know I am!

So the other day I was in Target grabbing a few things and I walked by a Sinful Colors endcap and they had… * drumroll * Glow in the dark nail polish!! Obviously I couldn’t grab it fast enough haha. So let’s kick off the month of Halloween with some spoooooky nails:

Halloween Month 2016 - Glowing Skulls

Step 1: Supplies! For this easy-peasy manicure, you will need:

  • Clear base and top coat
  • Glow in the dark nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • A small dotting tool OR thin tipped brush
  • A large dotting tool
  • A piece of paper/plastic to blot paint on

Step 2: Prep it! Clean up your nails and cuticles and buff/file them, then paint on your clear base coat.

Step 3: Paint it! Once the base coat has dried, break out that glow in the dark polish. I did a few coats because I didn’t realize how sheer it would be when I painted it on! If I were to do this again I would probably do a white base coat first and then paint on the glow polish.

Step 4: Dot it! After your glow has dried, drip some of your black polish onto the paper/plastic, dip your large dotting tool into the paint, and put two black dots in the center of your nails. These will be the eye sockets of your skulls. Then take your small dotting tool and paint a tiny inverted ‘v’ to create the nose hole.

Step 5: Smile it! Now take your small dotting tool or thin paint brush and draw a very thin curve of black below the nose. I tried to follow the natural curve of the edge of my fingertip (where your nail goes from pink to white/clear)

Once that part is dried, take your same tool and make short perpendicular across the curved line to create the stiched teeth appearance.

Step 6: Finish it! Seal your manicure with the clear top coat, clean up the edges, and voila! You’ve got some cute/creepy skulls at your fingertips.

Quick pro-tip: When you’re showing off your glowing polish or taking a picture, charge the paint first! Just hold your nails under a lamp/lightbulb for 30 seconds to a minute to get them nice and charged up. You’ll see the difference when the lights go out!

Also, if you’re taking pictures of your nails, try to do a longer exposure to really capture the glow effect! My hubby is a photographer so he was able to help me get some amazing photos, but just remember to charge your polish and hold still while doing long exposure and the pics will come out great.

That’s all from me today, lovelies! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and I’ll see you next time for some more Halloween-tastic nails! Until next time!

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Black on Black” (#103)
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Glow in the Dark” (#1353)
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