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30 Jun 2019
Nails This Week - Golden Mirror

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! And more importantly:

✨🌈✨ HAPPY PRIDE!!! ✨🌈✨

San Francisco has been decked out all month with rainbow flags and celebrations of love and pride. It’s been so awesome to see! And even though today is the last day of Pride Month, I hope we all take these feelings of support, solidarity, and celebration with us every day of the year!

Today’s a pretty quick post, but it feels like bright, glittery gold is a fitting choice to close out the month. These mirror-like gold nails are accomplished with gel polish, a black base, and golden mirror powder!

I know that this is just a “Nails This Week” post, but would you be interested in me doing a full tutorial post on mirror nails? If so, let me know on IG, Tumblr, or Facebook! <3

I hope you’ve had an amazing Pride month, and stay safe, hydrated, and happy as you’re out celebrating today!

That’s all for this week, my lovelies! I’ll see you next time! <3 <3 <3

Nail Polish Used:

  • ASP Gel Polish in “Black Beauty”
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