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04 May 2014
Nails This Week - Gray with Pink Stripes

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! How are you all doing today? I had a pretty exhausting week this week – this week at my program was all about the front-end of web development, so the past five days I’ve learned basic JavaScript, Jquery, DOM manipulation, and making AJAX calls. Suffice to say I’m a pretty darn sleepy programmer-in-training! ;)

Simple nails this week, but they have been a BIG hit! I have received a ton of compliments on these, and they literally took me half an hour. It just goes to show you that your nail art doesn’t have to be complex to be awesome!

I love striping tape so gosh darn much – it’s inexpensive and you can make so many cool designs with it! If by chance you haven’t used striping tape before, I highly recommend you grab some ;) (I got mine from Amazon, love them so much!).

(Oh gosh my thumbs got so scratched up this week – owie!)

Haha I don’t have much else to talk about – I hope you like the nails this week! Have an awesome week, my lovelies – I’ll see you next week! <3

Nail Polish Used:

– love & beauty by Forever21 in “Light Grey”

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