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25 May 2014
Nails This Week - Lilac & Jewels

Happy Sunday, my lovelies!

Sorry that I didn’t make a post last week – I flew to Denver for my sister’s graduation last Saturday, and at some point during the week or during my visit I caught a bug and I was feeling pretty gross on Sunday. But now I’m feeling much better! Which is fortunate, because I’m heading into the final week of my hacker school program and we are slammed with our final projects. I’m pretty excited about our group’s project – I’ll be sure to post the link to it next week when we’re all done ;)

Today’s post is a bit shorter today, because (as I said), I’m swamped with final project shenanigans. I actually haven’t had any time to do my nails lately (gasp A travesty, right??), so these ones are from a few weeks ago. Simple but sparkly, one of my favorite types of manicures!

So as you can see, all I did for this manicure was a simple lilac base over which I glued a pyramid of purple and gold faux rhinestones. I accidentally applied the nail glue too liberally, hence the obvious layer of glue on my nails. Hey, I’m distracted by my program, no judging! ;)

That’s all from me today, my dears! But I hope you are all doing fabulously and that you have an awesome week in store. Thanks for reading, my lovelies! I’ll see you next time <3

Nail Polish Used:

  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Lacey Lilac” (#270)
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