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05 Jun 2018
Nails This Week - Maroon & Stars

Happy Tuesday, my lovelies! And happy midterm election day for my USA followers! Did you go out and vote today? I use the mail-in ballot myself - love how handy it is. I hope today’s election results in some awesome changes happening across our country :)

I’ve done quite a few gel manicures over the past few months. Between my first-ever gel manicure over the holidays, getting a new at-home kit, reviewing my starter kit from Pink Gellac, and getting my nails done for my little brother’s wedding last month, my fingers haven’t had much of a break! As awesome and durable as gel nails are, it is not a good idea to do constant, back to back gel manis! You need to use acetone to take them off, which weakens the nail bed, and, ideally, you shouldn’t be constantly putting your hands under a UV light. So my manicure this week is back to standard nail polish!

In order to give them as fresh a start as possible, I’ve trimmed my nails down fairly short. I’ve also started using cuticle oil - that’s really helped my fingertips, because my cuticles are very susceptible to peeling and splitting! I’ve done a simple, single color base using this deep, maroon red that a friend sent me a while back (thanks, Heather! <3). But come on, y’all, you know I can’t just do a solid color manicure when I have other treats nearby!

I bought an assorted pack of glitters, shapes, and pearls recently, so I broke out some iridescent green stars. Despite the shade they don’t glow in the dark, but check out how much they shimmer in the light! I didn’t edit this gif at all - that’s really how much they shine when the light hits them.

Also, if you follow me on social media, you may have seen my announcement for Spotting! If you didn’t: I released an app for iOS and Android! Spotting! is a location-based app that lets you ask other users in your area for help if you find yourself in need of menstrual hygiene products. You can check out the website for more information, and download it on the App Store or the Google Play Store!

That’s all from me today, my lovelies! Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you next time! <3

Nail Polish Used

  • Modish Polish Los Angeles in “Control Freak” (#110516)
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