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08 Jul 2017
Nails This Week - Matte Emerald Elegance

Happy Saturday, my lovelies!

We are in the full swing of summer, huh? How crazy hot has it been for you all? We’ve had a few roller coaster weeks in the past couple of months: it got STUPID hot, and then it got a little cool, then it got a little warm, and now we’re into decently warm but not quite stupid hot ;)

Matte Emerald 1

My nails this week are in more cool, muted colors - maybe it’s my subconscious trying to trick my body into cooling down! I used a matte top coat instead of a standard gloss coat, and the results are gorgeous!

Matte Emerald 2

I love how elegant matte top coats can make a manicure. Adding this one simple finishing touch to your nails can transform them into a completely different look! “Sleek” is definitely the word I would use for this effect.

Matte Emerald 3

But you know me - I can’t be completely without a bit of sparkle or pop when it comes to my nails! So after I painted my nails and added the matte coat, I used some nail glue to adhere some small gold diamond embellishments. Another thing I love with nail art is contrasts, and the combo of sleek and sparkle is A+++ in my book!

Matte Emerald 4

Short and sweet this week, my lovelies! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you next time! <3

Matte Emerald 5

Nail Polishes Used:

  • O.P.I. in “Skip the Gift Wrap” (HL D72)
  • love & beauty by Forever21 in “Khaki”
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