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12 Aug 2018
Nails This Week - Moonstone Glamour

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! Can you believe we’re almost halfway into August? Who else feels like this year is blazing past? * raises hand *

This month has been wonderful so far: hubby and I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of two of our closest friends, and then we celebrated our own anniversary a couple of days later!

Unfortunately, right after that, we both came down with what we THOUGHT were a couple of colds, but at this point we think it may actually be the flu. :( So it’s been a very sniffly, achey, and fevery apartment this week!

But nothing heals the soul (and hopefully the body!) like some lovely nail art! * laughs * For this manicure, I opted for a more subtle glitter on the polish and brought out the shine with some metallic gold striping tape.

When I was doing these nails I didn’t have an exact look in mind, I just knew I wanted to combine these polishes. Once I put the glitter coat over the gray base color, I was thrilled to realize that they reminded me of moonstones! Just goes to show that experimenting always pays off in art <3

That’s all from me this week, my lovelies! I’m gonna go take a nap now and try to kick this bug… See you next time! <3

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Forever21 Nail Color in “Overcast”
  • Forever21 Nail Color in “Crystal/Clear”
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