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15 Jul 2013
Tutorial - Glitter Nails

Hello everyone! I’m happy to report that my puppy is back in tip-top shape :) She’s a little ball of pure energy again haha. Did you all have a nice weekend? We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain the past few days here, it’s been so nice! Dry Colorado has definitely needed it. :)

In the past I did a tutorial showing you how to do glitter tip nails (found here), and today’s tutorial is pretty similar, just doing the whole nail instead of a portion. I did French Tip-esque nails for the tutorial, but if you want to do solid color for your glitter nails just paint your entire nail with the base coat instead of different sections at a time. Now let’s get started!

Glitter Nails!

Step 1: Supplies! For this manicure you will need:

  • Clear base and top coat
  • 2 glitter colors of your choice (I did white and silver for mine)
  • A small bowl to pour the glitter in
  • Tape

Step 2: Prep it! Buff and style your nails in the manner you prefer, then put on a thin prep coat of the clear base coat.

Step 3: Tape it! Take your tape and place pieces across the tip of each nail to prevent your first glitter color from contaminating your second color.

Step 4: Pour it! Pour your first glitter color into the small bowl.

Step 5: Paint and dip it! One nail at a time, paint a healthy amount of the clear coat onto the exposed part of the nail and dip it into the glitter to get a nice covering of glitter.

Step 6: Remove it! Take off the pieces of tape and give the nail a few minutes to dry. You can put the first glitter color back in the container while you wait.

Step 7: Repeat! First, fill the bowl with your second glitter color. Then, when you’re ready, paint just the bare tips of your nails with the clear coat and dip them in the glitter. To do this, I sort of “pushed” my nail tips into the pile of glitter to avoid getting any on the white sparkles.

Step 8: Finish it! Clean up the edges of your nails and seal the manicure in with a clear coat. This part isn’t necessary, but it can help the manicure last longer.

And there you have it! Sparkly fun nails for any day of the week.

Have a wonderful Monday my lovelies! See you next time <3

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