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29 Oct 2012
Tutorial - Halloween Candy Corn!

Hey all, and welcome to Nails for Nickels!

Since All Hallow’s Eve is two days away, I thought I’d start this blog with a tutorial for Halloween-themed nails!

I knew that I wanted to do something Halloween-y for my nails around this time, but I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t too creepy. :) And then it came to me: what’s the one candy you think of immediately when someone mentions Halloween?

CANDY CORN of course! :D

This nail style is absolute beginner level of easy. The only hard part is being patient enough to let each layer dry completely before moving on to the next step. And I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on this manicure, I’ve seriously lost count! So without further ado, I give you:


Step 1: Gather your materials

You need five items for this manicure. A clear base and top coat, scotch tape, and a bottle each of white, orange, and yellow nail polish.

Step 2: Prepare your nails!

After cleaning, buffing, trimming, and preparing your nails in whichever manner you prefer, throw on a clear base coat!

Step 3: For this manicure, we’ll start with the base color of candy corns, and move up from there. So get out your yellow paint, do a coat, and once the first coat dries add another to ensure you have a rich color.

Step 4: WAIT. Let the paint COMPLETELY dry, because we’ll be putting scotch tape over it in the next step. And trust me, if it’s not completely dry, you’ll be pulling off half of your paint when you try the layering (speaking from personal experience and too many failed attempts :P )

Step 5: Scotch it! When you look at a piece of candy corn, you’ll notice that the yellow base is thinner than the orange middle. So when you put the scotch tape over the yellow to protect it, don’t cover half your nail; I recommend covering about the first quarter of the base.

Step 6: Orange time! Now we break out the orange, and paint over the yellow. Don’t worry if you paint over the base, the scotch tape will keep the yellow coloring safe. That’s what it’s there for!

Step 7: Take off the tape. After you get a nice solid shade of orange, pull away the tape! I peel it from one side of the finger to the other, ensuring that the nice straight line from the tape stays put.

Steps 8 & 9: The same as steps 4-7! Except we’re doing it with white this time. :) Wait until the orange has completely dried, and then cover all of the nail with scotch except for the very tips of your nails. Paint it white, and then peel the scotch away.

Final Step: Let the paint completely dry, clean up the edges, and seal everything up with a clear top coat.

Voila! Fun candy corn nails for the upcoming holiday!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, and that everyone has a great Halloween! I’ll be spending it on the couch with my hubby, eating Reeses and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas <3

Happy Halloween everybody!

Nail polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Mellow Yellow” (#360)
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Sun Kissed” (#150)
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Snow Me White” (#101)
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