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15 Jul 2018
Tutorial - Lemon Slices

Happy Saturday, my lovelies! And happy weekend! Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I just got back from a road trip up the Pacific Northwest coast with friends, so this weekend is pretty low key on my end. We didn’t find Bigfoot, but we did find lots of books at Powell’s City of Books and had an awesome time overall!

We are definitely in the thick of summer, and what is something super summery? It’s in a ton of mixed drinks, it gives a nice zing to ice water, and it smells delicious. That’s right! It’s time to do a lemon themed manicure! So without further ado, let’s get started:

Tutorial: Lemon Slices

Step 0: Supplies! For this manicure, you will need:

  • Base & top coat
  • Yellow nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Hole reinforcement stickers (if you don’t feel comfortable freehanding french manicure tips)
  • A thin brush OR white striping tape (depending on your comfort level for painting the thin “pith” lines on each wedge)

Step 1: Base coat!

File, shape, and buff your nails in the style you prefer, then paint on a clear base coat. Base coats are really important for manicures because they give a smooth surface for your color, and they also provide a protective barrier for your nail bed to prevent any staining from the polish pigment. Do your best to not skip the base coat when doing your nails!

Step 2: Paint it!

After the base coat has dried, paint your nails with the yellow polish. Do at least 2 thin coats depending on the brightness of your polish to ensure that you get complete color coverage.

Step 3: Tip it!

After the yellow has dried, grab your white polish. For the most part, I feel comfortable doing French tips freehanded (since I’ve given myself so many gosh darn manicures! Lol). But if you aren’t confident in your skills or you just want to make sure that edge is crisp, don’t worry! Grab some hole reinforcement stickers, line the edge a little below the tip of your nail, and paint the white polish that way.

Step 4: Line it!

As I said in the “Supplies!” section, you can either freehand these lines using the white polish and a small brush, or you can use striping tape to get the same effect. Either way, add thin white lines from a central point at the base of your nail that extends all the way to the French tip. The easiest way to get these spikes to look right is to start with a line in the center of your nail, and then paint/stripe one on either side that goes from the center to the side end of the nail. Repeat for each nail until all your lemons have those nice segments.

Step 5: Finish it! After the white polish has dried, seal your manicure with a clear top coat, clean up the edges, and voila!

So what do you think of these lemony-fresh nails? There’s nothing I love more than a glass of ice water with a lemon wedge - so refreshing!

Citrus fruits are definitely my top favorite category of fruit - they smell and taste incredible (fresh lime juice in guacamole, grapefruit halves for breakfast, snacking on clementines - heck yes) , are so deliciously tart… What’s not to love??

That’s all from me, today. Have a wonderful weekend, my lovelies! I’ll see you next time!

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in “Let’s Snow” (#195)
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Mellow Yellow” (#360)
  • Love & Beauty by Forever 21 in “Gold/Crystal”
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