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04 Jan 2015
Tutorial - Pretty Pinstripes

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! It’s great to be back! Has everyone had a nice holiday season? Did you get some awesome presents, and did you have a safe and happy New Year? :)

I spent the week of Christmas in Colorado, and that was lots of fun! Got to see and catch up with friends and family, got my fill of snow and cold for the year (lol), and got to drive 20 hours each way (what a pain that was! laughs). So this week has been spent relaxing and recovering from our vacation haha.

Oh! I’ve also seen lots of movies recently! In order of when I saw them and what I thought: The Hobbit – Battle of Five Armies (Meh. It wasn’t terrible, but like the other Hobbits it just felt like a money maker without the heart of the original trilogy), Into the Woods (Mmmmm, mostly good? But they cut out a TON of the humor that’s in the stage play and I don’t understand why!), and The Imitation Game (HOLY COW SO GOOD. I smell Oscars! I highly recommend this one, no question!)

Haha so that’s been my life the past couple weeks! How about you? What have you been up to? :) Let me know in the comments below!

Alrighty then, let’s get started with today’s post – there’s no holiday theme, just some good ol’ fashioned pretty and simple nail art. Let’s get started with a look I’m calling:

Tutorial: Pretty Pinstripes

Step 1: Supplies! For this manicure, you will need:

  • Clear base & top coat
  • Black nail polish (or any base color you prefer)
  • White striping tape OR white polish and a thin brush (or any stripe color you prefer)
  • Cuticle nippers OR small scissors (for trimming the striping tape)
  • Hole reinforcement stickers
  • Small faux crystals/jewels in your preferred color (I chose a lilac)
  • Nail glue if you have it, but clear top coat will also work

Step 2: Prep it! Clean, shape, and buff your nails in the style you prefer, and then paint on your clear base coat.

Step 3: Stick & paint it! Once your clear base coat has dried, take you hole reinforcement stickers and place them at the base of your nails, covering the bottom third of them. Then take your base color polish and paint the exposed nail with 2-3 coats to get a solid base color.

Give the polish a moment to set, and then gently peel away the sticker.

Wait until the polish is COMPLETELY dry (when you can rub your nails against each other with no tack or resistance) before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Stripe it! Now take your striping tape and trim three small pieces off. Gently lay them on your nail, pressing them down so they adhere, and trim any excess using the cuticle nippers if necessary.

Take your topcoat and seal the manicure to prevent the tape from peeling off.

Step 5: Jewel it! Now take out your small jewels and your nail glue or clear coat. Place a small dot of the glue at the top of each stripe and place a jewel on each dot. Press down gently to make sure the jewels are firmly in place.

Step 6: Finish it! Clean up the edges of your manicure and voila! A chic and slightly sparkly look that can be worn any time of the year!

So what do you think of today’s post? Do you plan to give this look a try, or to add your own twist in some way? Let me know in the comments or send me a picture! Any pictures I receive will be featured in the “What You’ve Been Up To” posts :)

So what sort of nails were you rocking over the holidays? Did you have a theme, or were you just sporting your usual fabulous look? I’d love to see what sort of awesome nail art you all create!

Also! Announcement if you don’t follow me on Tumblr or Facebook: I am going to be moving the website from WordPress to Jekyll (for various financial, ease-of-use, and tech-y reasons). This will not affect you as the website URL and links will not change, and I’m HOPEFUL that you won’t notice any breaking on your end. But in case you visit the site and things are wonky, don’t worry! I’m not going anywhere, just updating the site :)

That’s all from me, my lovelies! I’ll see you next time <3

Nail Polish Used:

  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Black On Black” (#103)
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