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17 Dec 2012
Tutorial - Snowy Night (With Snowmen!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (in two days, haha)

For the final Christmas-themed manicure, we’re transitioning from solely Christmas-y nails to Christmas/winter nails. Today I give you:

Snowy Night (With Snowmen!)

Step 1: Supplies! For this manicure, you will need clear base/top coat, toothpicks, rubber bands or scotch tape, a surface to get paint on, and nail polish in dark blue, white, black, red and orange.

Step 2: Prep! Clean and buff your nails in the manner you prefer, and throw on the clear base coat.

Step 3: Paint it! Put on at least two coats of the blue polish to get a nice, rich color.

Step 4: Tip it! Using the rubber band method or the scotch tape method, paint the tips of all your nails white (this is the snow on the ground).

Step 5: Dot it! Taking one of your toothpicks, or carefully using small amounts of paint with the brush, randomly paint white dots on the blue part of the nail (this is the falling snow). Then, on the nail where you want your snowman, paint 2-3 large white dots for the “body” of the snowman.

(Side note: I was originally going to do the snowman on my fourth finger, but then I changed my mind and painted the snowmen on my thumbs. So that’s why the pictures change later! :) )

Step 6: Get the detail paint ready! Take out the surface you don’t mind getting paint on (I used printer paper folded a few times), and drop on some small pools of black, red, and orange polish.

Step 7: Complete your snowman! Once the white body of the snowman dries, use your toothpicks and paint on the details. I did two tiny black dots for eyes, three small black dots for buttons, thick red stripes for the scarf, a small orange area for the carrot nose, and a black line and square for the top hat.

Step 8: Finish it! Once the paint dries, clean up the edges of your nails and add on a clear top coat.

Voila, you have a winter night and snowman manicure to show off on Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! See you next week! <3

Nail polishes used:

  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Black on Black”
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Sun Kissed” (#150)
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Ruby Ruby” (#369)
  • Wet n Wild fast dry in “Saved By the Blue” (#230C)
  • Sinful Colors Professional in “Snow Me White” (#101)
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