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02 Sep 2013
What You've Been Up To! - 1

Goooooooood morning, lovely readers! Happy Labor Day! This post is going up a little late because I actually got to sleep in today ;) Who has some fun Labor Day plans? Let’s end this summer with a bang!

And speaking of the end of summer (boo, I know, but I am SO excited for fall haha), I thought a great way to celebrate would be to put up a post showcasing YOU, the reader! :) All of the posts titled “What You’ve Been Up To” will showcase photos I’ve been sent of reader’s nails. So let’s get started with the first one!

Hannah’s Chevron Manicure

The first photo in today’s post is from the lovely Hannah, who is sporting some rockin’ peach, salmon, and sky blue Chevron nails with a sky blue nail thumb. And she has a matching Chevron phone case to boot! So freakin’ cute! To find out how to do your own Chevron nails, check out my tutorial here.

Hannah’s Strawberry Manicure

Today’s second photo also comes from the lovely Hannah, who ruled the summer with some gorgeous sky blue nails with strawberry accents. I love the combo, girl! To do your own strawberry nails at home, click here.

Hope’s Splatter Pedicure

And finally, rounding out this week’s post is the fabulous Hope and her too-cool-for-school splatter pedicure! She took my Dexter fandom nails and made them her own, painting her toes with a light blue polish and pink splatters. They look awesome! For instructions on doing your own splatter nails, check out my Fandom Inspired: “Dexter” Blood Spatter tutorial here.


And that’s all I have for now!

But remember, I would absolutely LOVE to showcase your nails in another “What You’ve Been Up To” post! So if you follow any of my tutorials, or use any of my posts to inspire your own manicure/pedicure, send me a picture! My e-mail is, and my Twitter handle is @TheDragonBabe. I look forward to seeing what fabulous nail art you’ve been rocking on your fingers and toes ;)

Have a very happy Labor Day (to my American readers), and for everyone else, have a fabulous Monday! See you next time <3



Hey! If you like my nail blog, you should check out the natural nail blog of Natalia Tera! She is putting together a gorgeous collection of natural nail photos, and it’s definitely worth a peek. (Oh, and you might see some bare nails from yours truly there too ;) )

Check her blog out at:

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